Monday, October 6, 2008

New Scrapbooking Idea #1: Scrapbooks are the perfect gift for adopted children and their families

Marriage, birth, and adoption: Families grow in so many ways. Sometimes, though, when your family grows in non-tradional ways, it can be difficult to find anything ready-made in the stores that suits your unique circumstances. Combining the past and present can also be a challenge for a growing family. An adopted infant or child may someday be curious about her heritage, and will doubtlessly want to know the story of how she came to join her family. A custom-made scrapbook can include the story of a child's past: the culture and traditions of her native country, any information about birth parents, and the exciting journey of adoption that led to her new home. Tawnie McNeil, founder of The Scrapbook Fairy understands the unique needs surrounding an adoptive family, and is ready and able to create a custom-made keepsake scrapbook for your growing family. The Scrapbook Fairy offers a free consultation, so you are assured to have something perfectly-suited to celebrate your little one's special past...and her bright future!

This post was guest written by Lindsey Greenberg.

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