Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sewing machines and scrapbooking you ask? Yes, I say!

I was brainstorming ideas for wedding album pages and I thought of this layout that I did a couple of years ago. It came to mind because several of the wedding photos I plan to use are black and white. I remembered this layout because the photo is black and white and it really popped on the page with the addition of the machine stitching on the black paper. The title of this page is "10 things I love about you." I got the general idea from a scrapbooking magazine and adapted it to the size and shape of my photo.

On the second page of this layout I used the same technique of stitching on a black background, but instead of the structured layout of the previous page, I decided to go a little crazy. I also added some ribbon for a little color.

The stitching technique is super easy with a machine. I have also done some hand stitching, but it's more labor intensive and the stitches are more obvious.

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Rebecca said...

Love the new look! Hang in there- it takes a lot of patience and time (Hello George Harrison!)

BTW, my website is no longer operational, so you can take the link off if you want. My blog is still live though..