Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Check Out the New Elements on Scrapbook Fairy's Blog

I recently added some new elements to my blog which I thought might be of interest to readers. In the toolbar you will now find "Scrapbook Fairy's Favorite Blogs" and "Scrapbook Fairy's Favorite Articles.

One of my favorite blogs which I've been following for about a year now is Scrapperlicious. I decided to add a link to this blog because Scrapperlicious' work is so amazing and beautiful that it deserves to be shared. I've actually had a lot of inspiration from the new techniques that Scrapperlicious introduces in her blog. Check out the first image on my Baby Gallery 2. This page was directly inspired by Scrapperlicious. I shamelessly copied her idea to ink the edges of fabric flowers and also to layer many flowers to add depth to the page.

In the section of my favorite articles I posted links to three articles which I believe readers will enjoy. These three articles can also be accessed through my website,, on the Links page. I think the most important article of the three that I posted is "How to Take Care of Your Scrapbook Heirlooms" because many people may not know that their most precious memories can be easily damaged. Read the article for simple, yet important, steps to preserving your photos.

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