Monday, January 21, 2008

Tawnie single-handedly brings scrapbooking to Mexico

Since I last updated my faithful readers on the goings on of Scrapbook Fairy, I have successfully led my first scrapbooking class. And in Spanish, no less! One of my friends invited me to give a class at her church's women's group in Tijuana. The class went very well; everyone was super enthusiastic and loved the supplies I brought. The class expanded beyond the normal womens' group and we even got a few men to participate. I was so thrilled that everyone had a good time. Below are some pics from the class.

Paper frenzy!

Providing consultations on color combinations.

Teaching people how to use a paper guillotine without cutting off my own fingers.

My favorite - a student puts her husband to work!


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This is wonderful Tawnie! Glad it was a successful event.