Thursday, December 6, 2007

email advertising - the best idea ever!

I'm so excited with myself. Not only did I figure out how to create an eFlyer, I actually sent it and got feedback. I got my very first lead about a project! I'm riding high on a waive of scrapbooking euphoria. Of course now I just have to land the client and deliver the project. But those are minor details, right? I'm so inspired that I am still awake at 10:30 pm looking at my site and my blog, trying to make sure I don't have any glaring errors. 10:30 might not sound late to you, but after working a full day (which includes interviewing about 150 people) and then going to yoga, I'm pretty tired. Yesterday I fell asleep on my couch at 7:30, so today I'm pretty proud of myself that i have stayed up so late. OK, time to get serious. I'm off to do more work.

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